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ion for chemical industry
ion for chemical industry

3 Megatrends in the Chemical Industry - market research

Sustainability and the circular economy.Key raw materials and energy supplies are getting tighterDigitalization.Digitalization is leading the innovation in all major industries,and chemicals are notInnovation and accelerated globalization.The demand for chemicals continues to grow inChemical Industry|Ion Exchange Resin and adsorbent resin During the production of biodiesel,glycerin,fatty acids,metal salts,traces of water and methanol are left behind.These substances can be removed by ion exchange resin to purify biodiesel and improve the efficiency of use.Ion exchange resins can also be used as acid catalysts.Chemical analysis in basic chemicals manufacturing MetrohmIon chromatography is an excellent technique for impurity analysis.Using anion chromatography with chemical suppression and conductivity detection,you can analyze traces of impurities reliably and accurately,e.g.,chloride,cyanate,nitrate,and sulfate.

People also askWhy are ion exchangers used in the chemical industry?Why are ion exchangers used in the chemical industry?Ion exchangers are also used to remove or recover metal ions from wastewater in the chemical industry.Some contaminants (such as arsenic,fluoride,lithium ions) are difficult to remove with ion exchange due to a poor selectivity of the resins.Ion Exchange SSWM Ion Pair Reagents (for HPLC) Ion-exchange chromatography systems have previously been utilized in HPLC analysis of ionic samples.Reversed phase partition chromatography using ion-pair reagents has been developed and utilized.

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